PactUS and Non-Fiction Producers Association (NPA) Merge to Create NPACT

Prominent New Trade Organization Now Representing 99 Companies

(June 5, 2017) – NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES – In an unprecedented show of solidarity that signifies the unity and strength of the non-fiction content production business, the Nonfiction Producers Association (NPA) and PactUS – the two major trade organizations formed to serve the producers of non-fiction entertainment content – today announced they have merged to create a new association: NPACT. 

With offices in New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., NPACT now includes 99 member companies that collectively produce the vast majority of all non-fiction content for US broadcast, cable television and digital platforms.

Among NPACT’s members are such prolific companies as All3Media America, Bunim/Murray Productions, Endemol Shine North America, FremantleMedia North America, ITV America, Renegade 83, Truly Original, 3 Ball Entertainment, and others. Their award-winning and highly rated series range from American Idol, Pawn Stars, The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Born This Way to Hell’s Kitchen, Undercover Boss, Intervention and Naked and Afraid – and thousands more airing in markets across the globe. 

NPACT, whose complete roster (attached) includes 99 production companies and showrunners, as well as allied services companies, serves as the voice for the non-fiction creative community; the organization tackles challenges producers face in an age of media disruption, helps them expand their businesses and offers a forum for producers to address critical business issues. As part of the merger NPACT will have an ongoing relationship with Pact in the UK, collaborating on joint projects and aiding one another in addressing producers' challenges globally. 

John Ford, who has served as general manager of the NPA since 2015, will become general manager of NPACT. David Lyle, who has served since 2015 as president of PactUS, will work with NPACT as president emeritus. Ford and Lyle made today’s announcement jointly.

Said Ford, “It is simply unparalleled in our business for a group of competitors at this high level of achievement to band together for the longevity, vitality and greater good of an industry. We face a looming crisis in keeping unscripted production companies healthy, one we can only address by coming together with a unified voice.”

Added Lyle, “Combining PactUS and the NPA into one powerhouse organization offers a tremendous combination of resources and talents, and serves as a turning point that is key to helping preserve, propel and expand the nonfiction content business. The new NPACT represents the maverick spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship – the core DNA of unscripted – and will allow us to achieve our mutual goals so much faster.”

NPACT will continue to offer membership to non-fiction production companies in North America, as well as sole proprietors, individual executive producers and showrunners who have established their own labels. NPACT also offers an “Associate” class of membership for service providers to the industry.

NPACT’s board of directors will be comprised of members of both former entities (NPA and PactUS) and the new organization will continue to be governed by an executive committee of the board.