Here's what you need to know about membership and how to join!

PactUS believes in encouraging the growth of members' businesses.  Therefore, we want an annual fee structure that recognizes that medium-sized companies should pay medium-sized annual fees.

Hours of Content Produced

A company's membership level and annual fee will depend on the size of the company, which is based on the number of hours produced.  "Adjusted Hours" for this purpose is the equivalent of one hour for basic cable unscripted.  Premium cable is two times, network is three times and digital is a third.  A drama hour will count as the equivalent of two TV hours basic cable and three TV hours premium cable and network.

Annual Fee

After figuring the Adjusted Hours produced, a company's membership level will determine its annual fee:

                                     Mega Companies ($20,000): 80+ Adjusted Hours and 5 or more subsidiaries
                                     Large Companies ($15,000): 50+ Adjusted Hours
                                     Medium Companies ($8,000): 8+ Adjusted Hours

We also offer a membership level for Digital Content Companies ($5,000) and International Content Companies ($2,500).

Additionally, agencies and suppliers may apply for membership at these annual fees:

                                     Associate Member - Agencies ($6,000)
                                     Associate Member - Suppliers ($5,000)

See what PactUS offers its members HERE.

Membership Application Form

If you would like to join PactUS, please download our application form.  Contact MIKE MISTOVICH if you have any questions.