Welcome to The Clubhouse!

July 21

Branded Entertainment and Time Buys

With Aymon DeMauro (Discovery)

It was a great early evening get-together at the PactUS office – The Clubhouse‎.  It offered not just business growth opportunities but also a shared social event.  About a dozen people gathered and talked about branded entertainment, retaining rights and time buys with Aymon DeMauro from Discovery.

PactUS is always looking for ways for its members to hang onto their rights for international exploitation.  Hence I was delighted to have explained that as part of these deals on branded content, Discovery would allow the producers to keep the intellectual property of their shows!!!  We got down to some real cases and the nuts and bolts of various deals while tasting and testing spectacular world beers. The mark of a good get-together was not just the number of empties but also the number of follow-up discussions scheduled between Aymon and members and also the amount of card swapping between members themselves.

By any of those standards the first clubhouse was a success. Planned as future topics are international co-finance, music deals and new digital opportunities.  And as future libations – Californian wines, new gins and old whiskys.