Coming Together

Eric Schotz and Thom Beers




Last week PactUS was proud to join with our colleagues at the Nonfiction Producers Association (NPA) and host drinks for independent producer Eric Schotz on the rooftop of the eatery LP&EP in West Hollywood. The motivation for the drinks was a simple one – a friend and workmate who we’ve known and respected for over 20 years finds himself in a tough place and we wanted to let him know he was not alone. It was a great turnout of 60 to 70 people (who’s counting when you have a drink in your hand). Newcomers to the industry and stalwarts stood side by side with Eric and his family and enjoyed coming together as a community. Many appreciated that even amongst competitors there is more that connects us than separates us.

And while not commenting on the specifics of Erics’ situation, independent producers realize that squeezing margins, mounting costs and being NOT locked to your own shows are pressing issues that resonate and need continued attention.






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