Digital Hub of Knowledge

PactUS is happy to announce the launch of a new series of features to fashion itself into a Digital Hub of Knowledge for its members. Producers with strong traditional TV backgrounds are making their way onto digital platforms but need more knowledge of the general opportunities, the changing content needs and the varying deal structures available from buyers at the non-linear end of the content spectrum. The digital marketplace is exciting and evolving and PactUS’s members need to have their association gathering and disseminating the latest information to help them grow their digital business.

Following detailed research during November and December into the needs, challenges and opportunities for content producers and platforms, PactUS will soon be staging a number of seminars to look at practical benefits and emerging opportunities for cooperation.  We'll also release various informational white papers from time to time on the latest development in deal templates, rights and content need.

If you're a member of PactUS and are seeking information or guidance on the digital content world, please contact DAVID LYLE or MATT GOULD and they'll be happy to plug you into the growing digital network and help you with your inquiry.


To spearhead this Digital Hub of Knowledge mission, PactUS is delighted to announce a partnership with Ginsburg Daniels Kallis LLP, one of the hottest law firms at the transactional center of the digital content business.

ABOUT GINSBURG DANIELS KALLIS LLP:  Ginsburg Daniels Kallis LLP is a leading transactional entertainment and digital media law firm based in Beverly Hills.  The firm represents companies and talent in all areas of the digital media, TV, film and music industries.  Its digital media group advises on all transactions relating to content, talent, brands and platforms, including all aspects of the development, acquisition, production and distribution of content across multi-platforms.  

ABOUT PHIL DANIELS: Phil has over 15 years of experience of working in the media and entertainment industry, having previously worked in the U.K., before moving to California, where he is cofounder and partner of Ginsburg Daniels Kallis, LLP – a leading transactional entertainment law firm located in Beverly Hills.

His career encompasses representing both talent and companies operating across all areas of the entertainment industry, both in traditional and non-traditional media, whether across TV, film, music and digital media.

Phil has established and runs the firm’s social media, digital and TV production practice, which has a dedicated practice focus on helping enterprises who are developing, producing and distributing content across all media platforms.  His group represents some of the leading companies in the digital media space, celebrity social media influencers, and emerging start-up companies in the space.

His group is involved in the drafting and negotiation of all the agreements relating to the interplay of talent, content, brands and technology, including agreements relating to the development, acquisition, production and distribution of content across all media and platforms. 


A further advance in PactUS’s Digital Hub proposition, is the newly announced partnership with the Global Online Video Association (GOVA), whose member companies include Fullscreen, MiTu, Machinima, Studio71, Whistle Sports and Maker StudiosBoth GOVA and PactUS believe mutual understanding of each other’s world view will lead to a dynamic expansion of possibilities.

ABOUT GOVA: Founded in 2014, the Global Online Video Association is an industry-funded trade association that advocates and supports the advertising, licensing, production, distribution and overall business interests of its member companies to accelerate growth in the online video industry.

ABOUT JON TAYLOR: Jon Taylor is an elite digital media executive and consultant and currently Executive Director at the Global Online Video Association, the trade association for the world’s top online video companies.  Jon recently lead the launch of Crave TV for Bell, the only Netflix competitor in Canada, and was also Senior Producer of multi-platform content at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.