Available Resources

Upcoming Events

PactUS will host seminars and industry gatherings in Los Angeles and New York.  Topics, venues and dates will be announced for both cities soon!

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Helpful Documents

PactUS offers its members access to commonly used agreements, contracts and releases.  These documents include: appearance, location and submission releases; and non-disclosure, location, talent, employment and co-production agreements.

These documents can be downloaded HERE.

Resources for Members

Expert Advice

PactUS will make available to its members expert consultants in:

  • Busines and Legal Affairs
  • Finance and Accountancy
  • Insurance including Health Benefits

Meet our experts HERE. To find out more: In New York, call Matt Gould at 646-247-9258.  In Los Angeles, call David Lyle or Mike Mistovich at 310-786-1727.


PactUS, because of its extensive international connections, is able to help those members who wish to grow their business globally.  We will bring international buyers to Los Angeles and New York to meet with our members and we will organize webinars from the UK where buyers from that market can explain what they're looking for.  For insight to the global scene, we will soon have the following:

Export Bible

Production companies operate in an increasingly global business environment.  The rules are different from one country to the next.  The Export Bible has answers about financing and production agreements in other countries, which will help US companies grow their businesses internationally. COMING SOON!


Global Market Report

PactUS and Pact in the UK have extensively explored the global marketplace.  This contemporary report gives US production companies crucial insight into the viable financial opportunites across the world. COMING SOON!