Who We Are and What We Do

Behind the scenes of The Bridge.  Courtesy Endemol Shine North America.

Launched in June 2015, PactUS is an association of production companies which helps its members improve their businesses.  PactUS concentrates on better business now and looks over the horizon to find new opportunities and meet new challenges.  It works with its members to be smarter in all sorts of ways.

PactUS provides its members with the latest information from specialists about:

         •  New deal structures

         •  Sponsorship opportunities

         •  Business and legal issues

         •  International opportunities

         •  A multitude of other benefits derived from our strength in numbers

PactUS will hold small meetings, webinars, and podcasts offering expert advice.  We keep our members interconnected with the latest news and each other for the broadest view of the TV and content landscape.

PactUS reaches out to...

         •  Local Governments

         •  State Governments

         •  Industry Leaders

...in search of tax breaks and grants for our members.  As part of our government outreach, PactUS will initiate detailed research so we are recognized as an informed voice speaking for our members and the industry.  

PactUS also represents its members with our buyers.  And since we believe that a healthy TV ecosystem is good for all, we allow our members to understand the evolving broadcast, cable, SVOD and digital spaces more clearly than ever before. 

Drawing on Pact’s huge success in Britain, PactUS will never give up in fighting for producers’ rights to their intellectual property. Regardless of the status quo, PactUS will always look for ways to get members a better ownership position.

PactUS opens up to its members greater opportunities for productions and co-productions outside the US.  The international sphere has been a growth area for channels and it can be for American production companies as well.  Due to Pact’s history with production in other parts of the world, PactUS members are assisted in identifying opportunities in the UK, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

PactUS believes in value for membership in other ways.  Members receive special deals on conferences, subscriptions, and insurance, including health benefits.  PactUS is not satisfied with simply sourcing good rates for production workers, but also in explaining to buyers why this is an overhead cost.  Additionally, PactUS is well positioned to assist in establishing facility- and equipment-sharing opportunities between production companies.

PactUS, managed by a board of directors voted from its membership, fights for its members across a wide spectrum, and brings them smarter ways to be bigger and better production companies today and into the future.

We will make your business better!