PactUS Structure

Courtesy Endemol Shine North America.

PactUS is an American not-for-profit corporation registered in Delaware as a Membership Association. Its membership will consist of US-based production companies, which have produced a minimum requirement of televisual content in the previous 12 months.  PactUS will be governed by an Executive Board, which will set the agenda and manage all the business and affairs of the Association.  The Board will consist of a Chair and 11 Directors.  

The Board will decide issues by a simple majority vote and, in the case of a tie, the Chair will have two votes.  One Director will be from Pact UK, the others and the Chair will be elected by the current membership and serve for a year.  Each member company can nominate candidates for Board and Chair positions and it is anticipated the voting (overseen by a professional independent body) will take place in Spring 2016.