Our Roots

PactUS is proudly an association of American production companies. However, it draws on the support and experience of Pact UK.


The Producers’ Alliance for Cinema and Television (Pact) was formed in the UK in 1991 through a merger of the British Film and Television Producers Association and the Independent Programme Producers Association, which were separate trade associations for film and television production companies.

This followed the introduction in 1990 of a 25% commissioning quota, meaning that all UK Public Service Broadcasters had to commission 25% of their programs each year from indies.

Despite this, the industry failed to thrive as UK producers suffered from a lack of bargaining power with the broadcasters and were unable to benefit from their innovation and Intellectual Property exploitation.

Therefore, Pact undertook an extensive lobbying campaign which resulted in a review in 2002 by the then regulator, the Independent Television Commission, which recommended, as a result of the review, that negotiated terms of trade should be introduced to counterbalance broadcaster market power.

The terms of trade came into force in 2004 and the sector grew rapidly both in the UK and through exporting overseas. The UK independent production sector is now worth £2.9 billion (approximately $4.5 billion USD).

Pact set up PactUS in 2015 to support US independent TV producers, as well as UK producers with US branches.

Learn more about Pact in the UK HERE.